React Live Editor

Build interactive documentation using React Live Editor.

Write live code

To include a live code editor, add live in the head of your code block:

```js live



Write complex examples

By default only a single JSX expression is allowed. It is common to have to write more complex examples. The noInline flag makes it possible. When activated, you have to call a render() method to define the expression rendered in preview:

```js live noInline
const content = 'Example'



To know more about noInline mode, read react-live documentation.

Import modules

Importing modules is possible in a React Live Editor using ESM import syntax. It is an emulation of the import, it means you don't have access to all modules by default. To be able to import a module, first you have to specify it using LiveConfig component.

title: Doc Page
import { x } from '@xstyled/styled-components'
import { LiveConfig } from 'smooth-doc/components'
<!-- Define `@xstyled/styled-components` module as `{ x }` -->
<LiveConfig modules={{ '@xstyled/styled-components': { x } }} />

Once defined, you have access to the module in live editor:

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