Learn how to change logos and social images.

Use your own logos

Logos are automatically loaded from images directory:

  • images/logo-manifest.png: define the logo used in manifest.json and as favicon
  • images/logo-nav-light.{svg, png, jpg}: header logo used in light color mode
  • images/logo-nav-dark.{svg, png, jpg}: header logo used in dark color mode
  • images/logo-nav.{svg, png, jpg}: logo used if light or dark logos are not found

Example of images directory structure:

├── logo-manifest.png
├── logo-nav-dark.svg
└── logo-nav-light.svg

It is better to use a ratio 1x1 for logo-manifest.png and horizontal one for other logos.

Social sharing image

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn sharing image are automatically generated by Smooth DOC.

The only thing you have to do is adding an image in images/social.{jpg,png}. The recommended size is 1280x640.

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