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Help your users find their way back.

Use your own 404 page

By default Smooth DOC provides a 404 webpage. You can customize it by creating a pages/404.mdx.

The page will be served when a page is not found.

Default 404 page

title: Page not found
import { x } from '@xstyled/styled-components'
import { Article, ScreenContainer, Button } from '../components'
import notFoundImageURL from '../images/404.png'
<Article style={{ textAlign: 'center', overflow: 'hidden' }}>
<ScreenContainer mt={5} position="relative">
<x.h1 m={0}>
There's a leak in the website.
alt="Leak illustration"
mt={{ xs: '-20%', md: -100 }}
mb={{ xs: '-10%', md: -30 }}
<x.p my={3} mx="auto" fontSize="1.5em">
The page you are looking for does not actually exist.
<Button as={Link} to="/">
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